Summary of PLIC Meeting on 3/17/10

Submitted by Megan Crouse for PLIC on 3/22/10

Legal Update:   Stuart Rich, President

ð  GTH’s first weekly summary was published on the Ferry Forum. Our advocates met with the County on 3/16/10 in Bellingham to discuss how GTH can offer assistance to the County.

ð  Contract with GTH was signed on 3/8/10, a 3 month agreement at $12,000 per month, which can be canceled at the end of any month. PLIC needs to raise $25,000 for legal fees.

ð  The PLIC Board will be having a weekly telephone conference with GTH to keep abreast of GTH’s work and to discuss strategy for next steps.

ð   Pete Kremen and other County representatives will present a Ferry Forum at the Grange on3/24/10. PLIC thanks County Executive Kremen for the work he has done to obtain an interim agreement with the Lummi Nation.

ð    Pete Kremen and Henry Cagey met with Senator Dorgan last week in Washington, DC to discuss ferry funding, including street/sidewalk/traffic safety funding for capital improvements at Gooseberry Point.

ð     Ferry lease negotiations are complicated and include the thorny issues of traffic safety, street/sidewalk improvements, the proposed Lummi marina, relocation of the Gooseberry ferry dock, and host of political and legal questions.

ð    Stuart expressed his opinion that the lease negotiations are likely to take a considerable amount of time to resolve. Stuart emphasized the importance that Lummi Islanders become proactive in the political process in order to make our interests known to our elected representatives.

Membership Update:   Stuart Rich

ð  Everyone who lives or owns property on Lummi Island is eligible to become a member (no fee) of PLIC.

ð  Membership enrollment forms are being mailed out to all Islanders.  Please return the completed form at a PLIC meeting, the Islander store, or mail to PLIC, PO Box 266, Lummi Island, WA 98262.

ð    The advantages of PLIC membership include: receiving specific PLIC e-mail updates; the right to vote at the Annual Meeting and special meetings, and participating in PLIC’s work to make sure that your voice is heard!

Financial Update: Chris Morton, Secretary

ð      Chris read the financial update prepared by Fred Kinney, Treasurer and Cathy Thompson, PLIC bookkeeper.

ð      Expenses to date for March, 2010: Total: $12,324

ð      Income to date for March, 2010: $1, 492.

ð      Balance in PLIC bank account: $7,458.00

Communications Update: Megan Crouse, Co-chair Communications Committee

ð      Summary of the 3/4/10 PLIC meeting were published in the Ferry Forum

ð      An informational mailer will be sent to all islanders and island property owners including a membership form, FAQs, and a “Plain Talk” letter and PLIC contact information. Thanks to Cathy Thompson for her desktop publishing

ð      Volunteers are needed to staff the PLIC information table at the ferry line on the weekends, from 11:00am-2:00pm. Dave Wing spoke about good discussions he’s had with island neighbors at the table. He received a $2 donation given by a young member of the Lummi Nation who rides the ferry to use the Lummi Island Library.

Fundraising Update: Dave Wing, Fundraising Committee Chair

ð      A one-on-one phone call fundraising effort is underway by some Board members and members of the fundraising committee, directed at larger donors and those who have already financially supported PLIC.

ð      After the new mailer has reached the island, a phone bank/pledge drive will be held on March 29th and 30th. Volunteers are needed to staff the phones! Contact Dave or Stuart to join the phone bank and get the meeting location.

ð      An audience member asked for the proper way to address members of the Lummi Nation. Dave has been told that the preferred terms are “the Lummis” or “members of the Lummi Nation.” Use of the term “tribe” is not acceptable.

Meeting Conclusion:

ð      The meeting ended with a time of refreshments and informal conversation. Many good questions and responses were exchanged between neighbors. Future meeting dates: County Ferry Forum 3/24/10, 6pm at the Grange; PLIC General Meeting 3/31/10, 6:30pm at the Grange.

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