February 17 PLIC meeting

Protect Lummi Island Community (PLIC) will hold its next all-community meeting at the Grange on Wednesday, February 17 at 6:30 p.m.

The agenda includes Committee reports; a review of proposed PLIC bylaws; a discussion of the new retainer with the GTH law firm; and plans for fundraising.

An open mike will be available for questions and comments by meeting participants.

Submitted by Nancy Gale, co-chair of PLIC communications committee Feb. 12, 2010.

5 thoughts on “February 17 PLIC meeting

    • Would you like to write one, Jeff? I drafted one today (and asked Colleen to proof it) since Colleen & I haven’t yet been emailed anything by anyone yet and I know many people understandably would like to see a report. Hopefully that report will be up tomorrow, for comments, corrections etc.

    • I’m hoping we’ll see one soon – I was so disappointed that we were unable to attend the Feb 8th meeting. Very eager to hear more about it all – I’ve heard rumblings that it went quite well, but no details yet.

  1. Today I wrote a request asking PLIC communications co-chairs Nancy and Megan to please send minutes from each open meeting (even draft minutes) to be posted on the Ferry Forum within a week after the meeting.

    I requested this because we all know how hard (even truly impossible) it is for the large majority of islanders (full or part time) to attend meetings with any regularity,

    Posting the minutes from open meetings in a timely manner would help keep all islanders informed of PLICs activities.

    • Yes. I have been unable to go to any meetings and when I ask island neighbors or friends who have gone what happened I get somewhat vague responses to what the focus or accomplishments are. I too would appreciate some minutes or summary of each meeting. With little communication there is little buy-in for me.

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