Terry Thanks Lummi Islanders & Lummi Nation

Terry Terry, who moderated last Thursday night’s meeting with the Lummi Nation Task force, gave permission to re-publish the following letter to our community.  Terry has served the last four years as President of the Lummi Island Community Association, LICA. Thanks to Paul Davis, who originally sent around on his Paul Revere/Brown Betty email service.

From Terry:

A very special thank you goes to our Island community and Lummi Nation for participating in a very successful Town Hall Meeting. We had a chance to listen to each other and gain a better understanding of our communities and each other’s history. We all understand that there is much more work to do with the terms of the ferry lease but it is such a relief to know that we will have service to Gooseberry Point.

There are several other county agencies and organizations who in a variety of ways support the effort on both sides of the negotiating table. I have been asked to continue to serve on their boards and attend their meetings even though I am stepping down from the LICA board.

Tami Chock, a Native Hawaiian who lives on Lummi Island and has worked for Lummi Nation for the past 10 years, was instrumental in coordinating the meeting between our community and Lummi Nation. She feels that Lummi Nation has become a community for her.  Tami’s graciousness was always present and moved us toward the excellent meeting.

Whatcom County officials have asked LICA to coordinate and moderate future Town Hall Meetings that will involve the county. LICA continues to maintain a neutral position within the community and has successfully orchestrated several Town Hall Meetings these past 4 years.

Now we can focus on the upcoming fundraising events that are so needed by our island organizations. More information will be coming your way about The Heritage Trust dinner in March. The Boys & Girls Club has several exciting events coming your way and the Beach School Foundation has the Edible Garden Tour on Sunday, July 18. Even though the Beach School was saved from the budgeting cuts last year it will be facing a similar situation again this coming school year. There are several events coming your way to support the school.

Again, thank you to all for such a respectful meeting.

Terry Terry
Lummi Island Community Association

One thought on “Terry Thanks Lummi Islanders & Lummi Nation

  1. Besides thanking Terry (which I did in person last Thursday), Tami Chock deserves a huge thank you for her efforts communicating the need for a meeting like this to Lummi Nation.

    As one commentor said, it’s too bad that our elected officials haven’t been as open and honest as the Lummi Nation representatives were at this meeting. I felt the task force members gave us the clear explanation of the primary issues and details of progress that we’ve been trying to find out since this whole thing started.

    I really appreciate the efforts of EVERYONE involved from both communities.

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