Request for 3rd District Rep. at Negotiations

This is a copy of an email sent out to the County Council, Pete Kremen and Frank Abart by Nancy Ging….

I was very happy to hear from Lummi Nation representatives last Thursday night that they had asked for a County Council representative to be present at the negotiations. While I appreciate that Councilmember Sam Crawford was able and willing to be present, I would like to request that for future meetings a Councilmember who lives in the 3rd District be the representative for us. Councilmember Carl Weimer in particular has taken the time and made the effort to become knowledgeable on ferry operations and costs. He has demonstrated his expertise on several occasions, helping to develop the most recent fare increase plan which finally helped us reach the income goals required. Given the complexity of the issues and the far-reaching nature of the consequences, we need the most expert people possible representing us at the negotiating table.  As an example, I’ve heard that it’s been suggested that reducing ferry trips for vehicles and adding some passenger-only runs using a second vessel might be a money-saving solution. That may look good on paper, but anyone knowledgeable about ferry operations would immediately know it’s not possible to do that with the current docks. Running a passenger ferry, such as the one used during drydock, requires several days to stage and set up the ramps and floating docks necessary to make passenger loading and disembarking possible on both sides. It can’t be reconfigured twice a day. Only someone well-acquainted with the operations would know that.

Please give us the best Council representation possible as the final terms of the conceptual agreement are negotiated. Councilmember Weimer, in my opinion, is the Councilmember best qualified.
Nancy Ging

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