Alan R.’s take on Fairhaven

Wynne’s note:    I asked Alan Rosen if he’d allow me to post his response to Kan Mann’s question about whether a Fairhaven passenger vessel might be a keystone of future Lummi Island ferry service. Alan graciously said ok, so I’ve copied his comments below. Thanks, Alan. Hope others in the business community will add their views on Ken’s suggestion.

You can read Ken’s initial query and all the replies on Ken Mann’s community blog.  For those of you who don’t know, Ken Mann is a newly-elected member of the Whatcom County Council.  He’s developed his blog as one way to communicate with county residents.


Having lived & operated a business on the island for 25 years I do not like this idea at all. I moved here for the convenience to do my business from a rural setting.I need affordable access for my truck & my deliveries of materials.So for 2 boats you then need 2 ferry crews etc with their wages & benefits. I see no easy way out of this for the county but certainly feel they dropped the ball by waiting for the last minute to pull it together. I am also a long time ski patroller & avalanche educator at Mt Baker,my daughter is a high level[very busy] ski racer. In other words we leave the island often by vehicle & a change of this magnitude would certainly force us to leave the dream that my wife & I have worked long & hard for.The island will become a place for retirees only because who else is going to be able to afford the time involved? Probally very wealthy at that for it is hard for me to imagine what the cost to run to Bellingham is going to be.

I also find it interesting that the folks who have pushed for the larger ferry [which over 85% of the islanders do not want]} are using this as an opportunity for that. We need better solutions than this.

Thanks, Alan Rosen


2 thoughts on “Alan R.’s take on Fairhaven

  1. Alan writes “I also find it interesting that the folks who have pushed for the larger ferry [which over 85% of the islanders do not want]} are using this as an opportunity for that.” Just wondering the source of this sentence. Is it factual or is it rumor?

    Is the county also looking into a larger ferry? What is the so called “folks who have pushed for the larger ferry” group actually doing to get a larger ferry? I’m just curious….

  2. It’s also interesting to note that the County’s own dock location feasibility study said that the new ferry previouslt proposed would NOT have been any more suitable to any Bellingham Bay routes than the Whatcom Chief.

    Why the results of this feasibility study were not made public until last December when a curious Islander asked about them is another point of puzzlement. Especially when at that time the Tribe had offered a location just slightly west of the current Gooseberry Pt. dock–which the feasibility study recommended as the top choice if the dock had to be relocated.

    Why the county was seeking funding for a boat few wanted when they could have been working on a dock at Gooseberry to eliminate our current dilemma is something that begs for an explanation, don’t you think?

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