What is PLIC’s Internal Communications System?

PLIC has been building an Internal Communications System.  We are just realizing that there is confusion about the system’s purpose.  So here’s some info about what the system is and what it is not. 

  1. The PLIC Communications System is an internal system that is a tool for helping PLIC workers communicate with one another in an efficient manner as they work together on various tasks.
    1. When a PLIC worker takes on a task, he/she can request access to the system and will be given an ID and password that allows him/her to enter specific portions of the system.
  2. The PLIC system is also designed to receive email and telephone communications from Lummi Island residents, property owners and the general public.  These emails/telephone messages can be directed to specific individuals, once an individual has been assigned an email and phone address.  Or, they may be addressed to the PLIC general mailbox at savetheferry@savetheferry.org.
  3. The PLIC system includes a documents section where documents can be shared by and with authorized people.
  4. It includes an editing function where several workers can work together on preparing a specific document.
  5. It includes committee calendars where workers can track upcoming meetings etc.
  6. It also includes a task tracking system to help coordinate worker duties and schedules.
  7. The PLIC Communications system is NOT a public website.
    1. It is separate and distinct  from Colleen and Wynne’s lummiislandferryforum.wordpress.com website, which PLIC (as well as other groups and individuals) use to post articles etc to the public.

PLIC is currently working hard to get its internal system up and running.  Internet Communications Specialist, Robert Keller, has spent hours tailoring the system to PLIC’s specific needs.  He is also providing training and technical assistance to system users.  His expertise has been invaluable.

The PLIC system also includes an email and phone “blast” system by which we can get short immediate notices out to everyone who has provided their email or phone numbers to the PLIC database.  This system will be used only under special circumstances.  Most of PLIC’s announcements, articles and information will be provided through the lummiislandferryforum.wordpress.com.

To comment on — or make a suggestion regarding — the PLIC internal communications system, send an email to savetheferry@savetheferry.org or leave a phone message at 360-318-7330.

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