Local Merchant Talking Points

PLIC (Protect Lummi Island Committee) developed this letter that islanders can use to ask for support from mainland business for keeping the dock at Gooseberry Point.    Wynne
This is a call for help from local merchants who may have concerns about the impact of a change of docking location, fees, and scheduling.

Take this flyer to your favorite merchants, especially the ones North of Bellingham.  OR you can use it as a guide for having a discussion with them about the proposal to move our mainland ferry dock South to Fairhaven.  (If  the flyer link doesn’t work for you, just cut and paste from the article.)

Local Merchants

Do you have Lummi Islanders as customers?

You may be able to help us Islanders, and help your business at the same time!

Are you aware that Lummi Islanders are in danger of losing Gooseberry Point as the dock for their ferry on February 14th?  And that we may be forced to dock in Fairhaven instead?

Docking at Fairhaven would negatively impact Lummi Island. The ferry ride would take longer and run less often.  The Whatcom Chief would run on a “weather permitting” basis due to the potentially dangerous and long journey to the Fairhaven ferry dock.  Ferry fees would be increased too.  Many of our cars would be parked in Fairhaven, not Gooseberry Point.

We fear that many businesses and services, especially the ones to the north of Bellingham, will also be impacted in a negative way.  If you believe these proposed changes to the ferry schedule, fee structure and docking location will impact you, we’d love to hear from you!


Please take a few minutes to write a letter describing how this may impact your business.  State the name and location of your business or use your letterhead.  Describe what products or services you provide to islanders.  Simply put, tell the story of your business relationship with Lummi Islanders and how the ferry directly or indirectly affects your business.


§  Are you concerned about ferry schedule and fee changes because your business makes deliveries or provides services to Lummi Islanders?

§  Do you think that a certain percentage of your business will go away because it will be inconvenient for Islanders to visit you?

§  Do you have employees who are Lummi Island residents?  Do you think their arrival on a “weather permitting” and a limited ferry schedule basis will impact their employment?


We would like to have as many letters as possible by the end of next week.  Please email your letter to charla.neuman@savetheferry.org or send it – via postal mail – to PLIC (Protect Lummi Island Community), PO BOX 266, Lummi Island, WA  98262

Thank-you for your help!

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