Commuting to Town

islandcat2u, on January 12th, 2010 at 6:28 PM Said: Edit Comment

Wooo hooo! Hydrafoil – that’s ok with me! Have done “hydrafoil”several places as a foot passenger without any undue trauma! Kind of fun, actually.

Seriously, and selfishly… just a few random comments: 

We don’t go into town all that much. And Fairhaven / Gooseberry… it makes not much difference to us – we’re pretty much retired. We walk across often now and have 2 vehicles. One is usually on either side. We also like taking the bus too, so that’s always an option when the timing is right. So for “day-to-day”, Fairhaven sounds good.

However, IF we needed a construction project done, OUCH the fees! (and I’m sure we will with “this old house” we have.) And of course on an un-selfish note, what about the school kids, people that don’t have 2 cars, etc.

a couple things about our “story” with the current ferry-

I will NOT drive at NIGHT on the rez because it’s so hard to see and I am scared to death I might hit a person or animal. I’ve almost been hit head on, too. It would have been nice to have street lights and sidewalks on the rez, but that really hasn’t progressed too much over the years. So having a foot ferry from Fairhaven has a certain appeal I can see. I might be able to do my own driving to certain evening events and to see my son in town, when I need to get home after dark.

AND THEN… on the other hand, my favorite drive leaving the island is turning right, instead of left off Gooseberry Pt. and winding along the beautiful coastline of the Lummi Nation and even pulling over to admire the eagles and herons fishing. I would miss that a great deal if things change. We hate it when Marine Drive is closed due to flooding.

What do I want? I’m pretty flexible, except I’d sure like to keep the rates down. And it sounds like whatever happens, we WILL be seeing some pretty good rate hikes. THAT is tough on retirees. Sounds like there are a lot of creative ideas floating around and I’ll be optimistic and think that it’s all going to work out for us in the long run.
Cathy Thompson

3 thoughts on “Commuting to Town

  1. The following is posted for those island residents tortured, by the County, into considering options. It is not to be interpreted in any manner as a statement of concession regarding ferry access to the mainland via points south of Gooseberry:

    Considering the 3 hour round trip which has been stated as the time required for foot ferrying to Fairhaven, many island residents will have difficulty accomplishing in one day the activities for which they must go to the mainland. Island residents may become stranded on the mainland due to severe weather which may develop while they are on the mainland, conditions which do not presently curtail Whatcom Chief crossings from Gooseberry Point.

    Hostel International, over the past 4-5 months, has been exploring development of a new hostel in Bellingham.

    HI facilities are often privately owned, but operated and advertised under the auspices and structure of Hostel International. Development of HI-Bellingham will depend on the active work of local participants from within the Bellingham community. One of those involved has been asked to post something at this website about the effort. It may be appropriate for the development group to include a representative or two from the island.

    HI serves member travelers with economical, secure and clean overnight and short-stay accommodations in locations convenient to public transit throughout the world; some also offer cooking or food service, laundry facilities and usually internet access. Non members are accommodated at a lower priority and higher cost.

    Reservations are typically advised, which may be problematic for island residents suffering ferry weather delays. In university towns, especially in late summer-early fall, hostel facilities may be full as students use them while looking for permanent housing. More about Hostel International can be found at its website.

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