Lummi Islanders Survival Guide to going Carless during Drydock

This first posted to Nextdoor Lummi Island on 8/24/2014 and is open for more comments.

 What is your experience using the bus to and from Lummi Island during the year?

If the schedules between the bus and ferry were coordinated, would you use it more?

Whatcom Transit Authority Route 50 in blue.  For connections to other 

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Part 1 

With parking at a premium at Gooseberry Pt during drydock, it seems that some of us could try using the WTA 50 bus, making 8 trips per day to downtown Bellingham. At first glance at the schedule, this seems pretty simple, however, keep in mind the ferry schedule changes during drydock, making the total trip time either tolerable or miserable, depending on which time of day you leave – somewhere between 59 minutes to 96 minutes. The good news is that it’s cheaper than dirt, (kids under 8 and seniors over 74 are free, seniors with a Medicare card are 50 cents, and everyone else is just a buck each way).  Read Part 1 and 2 after the jump.
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Minutes – Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) – 8/19/2014 – DRAFT – LIFAC

LIFAC’s (Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee) newest Subcommittee for looking at Long Range Planning is now official and off and running.  Minutes will be posted with the County for inclusion to their website, and a courtesy copy of minutes in draft posted here on the Ferry Forum.  A final ‘Adopted’ version will be posted to a searchable database on, as well as being placed n the Lummi Island Library for those interested.  Our next meeting will be this coming Tue, in the Hanson Room of the Lummi Island Library, from 6:30pm to 7:40.  This is a work session to adopt a Scope of Work.  The public is always welcome to attend any of our meetings

This is an important issue for islanders, as Whatcom County is currently in the process of updating their Comprehensive Plan, and the Whatcom Council of Governments (WCOG) is updating their transportation plans for the year 2036.  We are well positioned to gather our thoughts as a community, and give meaningful and timely inputs into both of those processes.

Thanks for viewing this, 

Mike Skehan, Chair, LRPC

Draft LRPC minutes Aug 19 2014 pdf

Dry Dock Parking For Disabled

The PLIC Board (Protect Lummi Island Community) prepared the report below and gave permission to post on the Ferry Forum.  There are 60 active individual handicapped permits & placards in zip 98262. It appears that the number of designated handicapped parking slots may increase to 19 this year (unconfirmed).  At the end, you’ll find the link  to the map of 2014 allowed and prohibited parking for dry dock at Gooseberry Pt. Thanks so very much to Rhayma Blake & PLIC for this clear, detailed and useful report — and all the work it took to produce and write up. Continue reading

Lummi Island Ferry Calendar

I will try to keep this calendar (link in right sidebar) updated with outages, meetings,and events like dry dock. Click AGENDA, at right top of calender, to see a list by date. Continue reading

Ferry Long Range Planning begins on Lummi Island

August 19th, 2014 marked the day a group of citizens began the task of fulfilling one of LIFAC’s county mandated duties, under enabling ordinance 2012-005, calls for section: ” E. Research, review, and make recommendations regarding ferry replacement, long-term planning, parking, transportation to and from ferry docks, alternative docking locations, alternative funding sources, and other major capital and operational issues regarding ferry service to Lummi Island.”, with the formation of a new subcommittee for Long Range Planning.  I wanted to introduce you to it’s newest members selected that evening. Continue reading

2014 Lummi Island Ferry Dry Dock Parking at Gooseberry Pt

Parking Part 1 (more to come)

Paul Davis put this message about Lummi Island Ferry dry dock parking at Gooseberry Point on NextDoor. As he says, it can be a really serious problem for commuters (including parents with small children) and those with medical or mobility problems.  He makes excellent suggestions, which I’ve posted below with his permission.  Continue reading

The Future of Lummi Island – Planning For What?

Having just entered about 50 years of data on Lummi Island into the ‘Mother of All Spreadsheets’ on Excel, It occurs to me we can easily document what happened to us, but figuring out why is quite a different matter.  Here’s a quick, napkin variety, graph depicting some of what I’m trying to explain.

As you can see,while population is increasing, we’re growing older at astounding rates.  In the last 20 years, we went from an average age of 35 to 55, essentially having retirees displacing working families with children.  What effect will the Baby Boomers have on this in the next 20 years?  Is that another Boom/Bust cycle?

Climate change will effect low lying coastal areas of the Eastern Seaboard much more radically than for us in the Pacific NW, creating something called Climate Change Refugees.  Will they march north-westward with the same determination as the ‘Dust-Bowlers’ did in Los Angeles the ’30s?

More Questions for you to ponder this morning.  Is the dwindling enrollment of the Beach School reversible with the IB program, or will Ferndale School District pull a B&G Club switcheroo on us too?

What part does the ferry play in all this?  The newly forming Ferry Long Range Planning Committee hopes to tackle these questions head on in the coming months to sort out why ridership peaked well before any talks about leases, recession and surcharges.

Ben Frerichs and I will be giving a talk on demographics of Lummi Island at the LICA potluck on September 24th.  I hope to see you there.

Mike Skehan for the Ferry Forum


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